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Welcome to Hugmesew!

Here you can find great unique handcrafted items for your precious little one 

We try to have a close relationship with our customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have regarding some item, or whatever else you would like to know.

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I'm a mommy of two wonderful boys (4years and 1 year old); I quit my job to stay home with my first born and to this day I'm still at home…taking care of two of them now...

When I was a little girl, I used to steal my mom's sewing machine and make clothes for my baby dolls. And then later made clothes for myself…and now my biggest satisfaction is, to create unique, different and interesting items for my sons. My baby Azariah (the heaviest drooler ever :)…made me create my current drool bibs - I needed something that would be functional yet still made him look cool; My friends later wanted to buy my bibs,…and then I thought I should start selling them…and here I am doing what I love…

I have many ideas for new things I want to make, only taking care of the kids steals a lot of time from that, but with small steps, I'll get there...
I work nights and between their naps and sometimes even with my little one on my lap…it's not easy but very rewarding; 

I know you have a choice, so I want to say thank you to all of you that buys from and especially from my shop; You are helping me fulfill my biggest dreams ever: taking care of my kids while the other "Me" is knocking herself out in the world of fabric...

All my things are made with love and I hope you like them as much I love making them!