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Welcome to Hugmesew!

Here you can find great unique handcrafted items for your precious little one 

We try to have a close relationship with our customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you may have regarding some item, or whatever else you would like to know.

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The story behind Hugmesew

Hi there,

my name is Michelle and I am the founder and owner of Hugmesew.

I'm a wife and a mother of my two wonderful boys that are the absolute delight of my life and the inspiration for everything I do.

Hugmesew was founded and created in October 2012.  My second son Azariah (the heaviest drooler ever) is the reason for starting it all. I love dressing my boys stylish and so any drool bib that I had for him at that time, couldn’t stand for two reasons: Look and Functionality.

I needed something that would be functional yet still made him look cool and wouldn’t mess up his outfits, so I have decided to take it in my own hands. After many attempts and design changes I have come up with the scarf styled bib that I am selling today. And being a “fabri-holic” I just couldn’t stop at drool bibs. My passion for fabrics, makes me loose track of time when shopping for it; I can’t stop dreaming about all the beautiful things that could be made out of it…so I started crafting more pieces.

As soon as I have posted photos with my “home made” garments on my boys on Instagram and Facebook, I started receiving requests from my friends and other moms!

Gradually, I have added more items to my Etsy shop and within one year after opening and shipments around the world, 13000 sales later Hugmesew became a full time job and I’ve been lucky enough to open my own e-commerce site.

As for the name...I just imagined that everything I would construct, would be comfortable and soft and should feel like a Hug to my here it is "Hugmesew" :)

Even though I’m juggling motherhood and my business, I strive to never lose sight of the original purpose for Hugmesew. Children need clothes that are wearable and suited to an active life – that said I keep in mind to create unique essentials with great quality and fit, comfortable and stylish, all at the same time.

I am amazed at the response from customers, bloggers and social media followers and I am extremely grateful for your support. You make it possible for me to continue doing what I love, while being with the ones I love.

I know you have a choice, so I want to say thank you to all of you that buy handmade and especially from Hugmesew. 




Nick & I

Nick & I

My beautiful boys Elliott (5) & Azariah (2)

My beautiful boys Elliott (5) & Azariah (2)